A Look Back at FormFast’s Top 8 Blog Posts from 2016

At the end of every year, we love looking back at the ideas we’ve shared and topics we’ve covered. As we look back at our top 8 posts from 2016, two trends become incredibly clear. First, mainly thanks to advances in cutting-edge technology, the healthcare industry continues to change at a rapid pace.  And, secondly, the core focus of our business never will— helping our customers overcome challenges and improve process to support their mission of delivering the highest quality of care to their patients.

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So as we gear up for an even better 2017, please find below the top 8 blog posts from 2016.

1.) INFOGRAPHIC: The Real Cost of Paper-Based Informed Consent Processes (read)

Despite advances in automation technology, many hospitals today are still documenting informed consent on paper.  Learn about the real costs of a paper-based consent process and how the right Mobile Bedside Consent Automation Solution can benefit your organization.


2.) eForms Beyond Your EHR: Making it Possible for ALL Clinical Forms to be Paperless (read)

While an EHR system is a huge step in the quest to become a paperless healthcare system, most organizations with an EHR in place still manage volumes of clinical documents in paper form which hinder the establishment of a truly integrated care team.


3.) One-on-One with FormFast’s Mobile Bedside Consent Solution Product Manager (read)

FormFast’s Product Manager, Yancey Stout, shares her insight into the process challenges hospitals face today regarding informed consent and how FormFast’s Mobile Bedside Consent Solution can help.


4.) Interview: Bringing the Patient Experience Beyond Hospital Walls (read)

FormFast Clinical Solutions Manager, Bethany Jones, shares insight on FormFast’s latest product, FormFast Connect, and how the technology will impact the clinician and patient experience across the care continuum.


5.) FormFast Capture: 4 Key Features Enabling a Higher Standard of Patient Care Through Data Capture (read)

What makes FormFast Capture different? FormFast Capture has robust features that allow for more sophisticated, structured types of input. Please see the list below for a list of 4 (of many) key features FormFast Capture brings to healthcare organizations.


6.) Why Hospitals Need eForm Technology to Complement Their EHR (read)

A strategic electronic forms management solution strategy will help hospitals take operational efficiency to the next level and leave no paper trail behind.


7.) FormFast Aligned with Key CMS Measures for Consideration (read)

Many of the areas highlighted in the key proposed CMS measures relate directly to FormFast clinical solution targets, including clinical checklists, surgical care coordination, and patient experience survey tools.


8.) INFOGRAPHIC: Top 4 Reasons to Modernize Your Patient Access Department (read)

A modernized approach to patient access is needed to establish a better patient experience, deliver better clinical outcomes and improve organizational performance via increased revenue and staff efficiency.


Thanks to all our blog readers and sharers in 2016! We love writing about our portfolio of solutions and an industry in which we are all so passionate about here at FormFast. Stay tuned for more great content to come in 2017!

If there are topics that you’d like us to cover on our blog, or if you want more information about any of the covered topics, please email: lziegler@formfast.com.