SUCCESS STORY: HCA Far West (Riverside Community Hospital)

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Finding a trusted healthcare partner in the leading eForms vendor

When Riverside Community Hospital implemented their electronic health record, MEDITECH, they also went live with FormFast. Since implementing the eForm solution, the hospital has saved significant time, costs, and streamlined core processes. With FormFast, Riverside has reached new levels of efficiency and operational excellence as they accelerate core process and continue to meet the evolving demands of the healthcare industry.


Since 1901, Riverside Community Hospital has been a vital part of the Inland Empire region in California. The HCA hospital has a staff of over 1,900 employees and 500 physicians which represent over 500 specialties at the 373-bed hospital.

The hospital is at the forefront of advances in medicine and invests in the new technology needed to give their community the highest level of comprehensive care.



Before the implementation of FormFast, Riverside Community Hospital relied on local businesses for the printing of forms for various departments. This made the process very cumbersome to change, track, and properly manage a growing number of forms.



By implementing forms on demand with FormFast, Riverside Community Hospital is able to reduce the cost and the burden of outsourced form purchasing. FormFast converted Riverside’s forms to digitized versions that can be generated on demand.

With FormFast, eForms are digitally imprinted with unique document and patient information for proper archiving and patient identification.

This helps decrease the risks associated with using outdated forms as only the most current version of the form is available in FormFast’s repository. FormFast ensures patient identification standards are met, contributing to Riverside’s patient safety initiatives.



Not only did FormFast provide the technology for Riverside, but the hospital leverages FormFast’s Managed Services offerings as well. Gayle Snow, HIPAA Assistant at Riverside Community Hospital, says without FormFast’s technology and services, half of her time would be spent managing forms.

“I really appreciate the personal connection I have with FormFast. Even though they are in a different state, I feel like they are right down the hall. They are always available to answer questions at anytime,” said Snow. “I have developed a close relationship with my forms designer and the rest of the team at FormFast over my four years at the hospital. They’ll catch things that I may have missed and they know my work habits and style.”

Snow shares that although the hospital’s form needs are of course not always scheduled, FormFast always finds a way to rise to the occasion.

“I recently had a situation in which a director needed a change to a form for a 3:00pm meeting. I reached out to FormFast at 2:00pm and had the revised version in my hand to pass along to the director within ten minutes. The responsiveness is just excellent,” said Snow.



As Riverside’s needs and the demands of the healthcare industry have grown, the organization’s forms needs have tripled. Fortunately, FormFast has allowed Riverside to meet the demands of their growing organization, with 1,500 employees leveraging FormFast.

“I can’t really put into words the kind of support FormFast has provided us. They are a very dedicated partner that continues to meet our growing needs. They aren’t just creating new forms for us, they are helping us solve problems,” said Snow.