Surgical Checklist


Business Need

Even in the most paperless HIS systems, there still are many forms in use. One such form is a Pre-Surgery Checklist. This checklist is often part of the timeout process that is taken before any surgery. Automating the form and incorporating it in a simple workflow has many benefits and helps to keep the surgical suite paperless. It also enables reporting that normally cannot be easily done on paper forms.



FormFast Enterprise Workflow enables this otherwise paper artifact to become electronic and filled out online. The Surgical Checklist Workflow offers the following features:

  • A checklist that can be filled out much faster online vs. paper based
  • Surgical Nurses can fill out the checklist on computer equipment already installed in the surgical suite, or on a sterilized W.O.W. that would normally already be found in the room
  • The workflow’s audit trail adds accountability
  • The checklist can easily be edited or changed by authorized personnel
  • The workflow rules can be constructed to enforce hospital policies regarding checklists and presurgery timeouts


The FormFast Surgical Checklist Workflow drives the following benefits:

  • Enhances the speed of the Surgical Checklist process
  • Helps to move patients through the OR faster
  • Enhances the surgeon’s experience in the OR
  • Helps to keep paper out of the OR
  • Enhances compliance with hospital’s policies, since the workflow rules can be easily customized around your organization’s policies
  • Increases process efficiency


Enhance Your Surgical Checklist Process

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