Patient Satisfaction Survey


Business Need

Obtaining and acting on customer feedback is an important part of improving any business, but patient satisfaction survey metrics and employee satisfaction is of paramount importance in the highly competitive healthcare market. Ensuring a certain level of patient satisfaction can even mean significant reimbursement variations.  This is especially important in light of HCAHPS guidelines.


Employee satisfaction impacts an organization’s ability to obtain and retain their highly skilled workers. Automated workflows capture and process employee and/or patient surveys, which can drive information to those who can act quickly to address issues and improve operations.



FormFast integrates easily into your intranet or external website to expose the patient satisfaction survey as needed. Features of this automated workflow include:

  • Hospital specific patient satisfaction survey forms
  • Flexible routing options for notification and follow-up of survey results
  • Secure email notifications for steps in the workflow continuum
  • Document imaging system integration for permanent storage of surveys, if desired
  • Discrete data capture and reporting


The FormFast Patient and Employee Survey Workflow drives the following benefits:

  • Improved user satisfaction statistics collected through easily accessible, online survey forms
  • Increased reimbursement with more agile response to patient satisfaction issues
  • Improved care delivery via process improvement based on the insights gathered from the online eForms.


Increase Patient Satisfaction

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