Mobile Informed Consent Forms


Making the Informed Consent Form Paperless

Technology has brought paperless operations to many areas across healthcare organizations, but the informed consent form and other documentation requiring patient signatures can be a lingering source of manual and paper intensive processes.


FormFast allows you to capture the appropriate consents electronically via eForms delivered on a mobile tablet right at the patient’s bedside.  Consent documents are instantly archived, preventing lost documents, expediting care, and keeping the hospital in compliance.

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"What's Wrong with our Current Informed Consent Process?"

“Our bedside consent forms are paper-based.”

Most healthcare organizations are still documenting informed consent on paper.  This exposes the hospital to the risk of missing forms, improper documentation, and the liability associated with them.


“We have patients sign an electronic signature pad.”

This method is often cumbersome for staff and patients alike as it usually requires that a cart is wheeled to the bedside.  Plus patients are often not able to read the actual form they are signing.


FormFast offers a paperless software solution to improve your informed consent form process whether it’s currently all paper-based or partially automated.


Automate Your Consent Process

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Streamlining the Consent Documentation Workflow

The signature processes couldn’t be easier with FormFast’s informed consent form software.  Learn about the improved consent process below:


Improving the Consent Process for Staff and Patients


The FormFast informed consent form solution drives the following benefits:

  • Increased compliance
  • Improved risk protection
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Improved patient satisfaction

Learn How FormFast Addresses Your Challenges

Mobile Bedside Consent Form on Tablet


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Discover how a paperless informed consent workflow can positively impact your organization.

Integration with Core Systems

FormFast integrates with your HIS or EHR applications to identify and present the correct documentation for patient signatures on mobile tablets.

  • Integration with EHR for seamless application launch
  • Immediate archival of the completed informed consent form in archiving or electronic document management (EDM) systems
  • Temporary storage of “in-flight” consent that are waiting for a physician’s signature
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Improved Consent Process

FormFast’s solution offers unique features to complement the EHR system and provide essential functionality to automate your informed consent process via electronic signature technology.

Feature List
  • Organization-specific informed consent forms
  • Unlimited number of signatures on each form
  • On-demand form selection
  • Dynamic imprinting of unique patient information
  • Alerts for incomplete forms
  • Free-text fields for real-time physician and clinician notes
  • Checkbox features for advanced consent options
  • Required fields and validation rules
  • Automatic Date/Time Stamp for data integrity
  • Links to educational content

Make your consent process not just paperless, but mobile, to improve the workflow for staff and patients.

Mobile Web Application
  • Compatible across tablet device hardware platforms and operating systems
  • Hardware support options for any environment, including mobile tablets, write-able screens, electronic signature pads and tablet computers
  • Web-based HTML5 application for easy deployment in any area of the healthcare organization

Make Your Consent Forms Paperless

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