Incident Reporting


Business Need

As part of the Joint Commission accreditation standards, hospitals should have a system in place that allows them to record and analyze events related to staff and patient safety and quality of care.


The Patient Safety Act encourages clinicians and health care organizations to voluntarily report and share quality and patient safety information without fear of legal discovery. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has released a data format standard for the collection of quality and patient safety information.


Healthcare providers who participate in a reporting program through a Patient Safety Organization (PSO) will need to put processes in place to collect, analyze, respond to, and transmit data in the common format.



The FastFlow Incident Reporting application provides a standard set of online forms to collect incident data, analyze the data, and format the data for transmission to a PSO. Whether hospitals participate in a PSO or not, the FastFlow system provides a full solution for incident reporting. Our flexible, easy-to-use software encourages event reporting – ultimately reducing the severity of incidents & overall risk.

  • Standardized online incident reporting forms
  • Workflow rules
  • Multidisciplinary collaboration tools
  • Data integration to reduce redundant data entry
  • Data reporting for analysis
  • Flexible data output


The results of a properly managed Incident Reporting system include minimized compliance risk, increased patient safety and higher quality of care. Appropriate identification, analysis, and follow-up of incidents can identify trends and recurrent problems, and change system policy

  • Collect incident data electronically
  • Create reports and monitor trends to measure improvement
  • Transmit data in proper formats to a PSO
  • Reduce risk by containing all incident report data in one system


Upgrade Your Incident Reporting System

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