RAC Audit


Business Need

Whether your hospital was part of the demonstration project or not, by now you probably have been audited by one of the four Recovery Audit Contractors hired by the federal government. These contractors are paid on a commission basis and have the ability to go as far back in your claims as October of 2006. For many hospitals this poses a challenge since their EMR systems usually don’t go back that far, and the number of RAC chart requests can top 400 per 45 day cycle. That can mean too many paper charts floating from department to department with very little control or oversight to the audit.



FormFast Enterprise Workflow enables RAC Audits to be handled and managed with great ease. Features of this automated workflow include:

  • Automated routing of the records request to all departments that need to be involved
  • Ability to scan the medical records into the workflow so all departments can share the information online – these records can be burned to a DVD in minutes for submission to the RAC
  • After a challenge to a requested claim is made, the challenge can be routed to all the necessary departments to quickly document a successful response
  • Automatic routing ensures RAC Audit policies are enforced and followed
  • The workflow’s audit trail adds accountability
  • Email notifications for each step of the workflow process keep everyone informed about each RAC Audit’s progress
  • Dashboard view enables at-a-glance oversight to the RAC Audit process
  • Unprecedented report features enable financial impact reporting as well as proactive audit vulnerability reporting


The FormFast RAC Audit Workflow drives the following benefits:

  •  Greatly enhances the RAC Audit internal process
  • Ensures RAC Audits are handled on a timely and efficient basis
  • Saves money from RAC Audit losses
  • Reporting capabilities can help your hospital predict future audit issues and help prevent future losses


Enhance Your RAC Audit Process

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