Work Orders


Business Need

Work Orders are typically found in Support Services departments such as IT, Environmental Services, Engineering, Facilities Management, and other service departments. When departments need services from one of these ‘pillars of support’, they typically make their request via a work order. A paper based work order system can be riddled with issues such as lost forms, misfiling, lack of responsiveness, and lack of accountability.


There are software systems for Work Orders, but they tend to be overly complicated and too expensive for many organizations. Moreover, with capital getting harder and harder to come by for Support Services, it is hard to justify a software solution that only solves one issue for one department. That is where your investment in FormFast Enterprise Workflow can save the day.



FormFast Enterprise Workflow enables every department in the hospital to submit online Work Orders to any service departments that don’t already have a Work Order system.


This automated workflow can create a simple Work Order system that also includes features usually found only in highly specialized Work Order systems. Features include:

  • Ability to add electronic attachments to the workflow, such as: ○ Further instructions or needs
    • Documents supporting the request
    • Other approval forms – e.g., committee minutes, etc.
  • Automatic form routing which eliminates issues that arise from lost or misfiled paper forms
  • An audit trail that adds accountability and ensures quick response to Work Order requests
  • Email notifications for each step of the workflow process
  • Progress tracking to keep the requester informed about the progress of the Work Order request
  • Reporting based on any data found on the Work Order


The FormFast Work Order Workflow drives the following benefits:

  • Greatly enhances the Work Order process
  • Enhances compliance with the support department’s Work Order policies, since the workflow rules can be easily customized around each department’s policies
  • One Work Order can be used for multiple support departments
  • Provides robust reporting options
  • Reduces turn-around time of Work Order requests


Improve Work Order Workflow

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