Policy and Procedure Management


Business Need

The availability and accuracy of current policy and procedure documentation is critical for healthcare providers. A single point of access to these documents is vital to improved clinical outcomes, patient safety, risk management and accreditation. Maintaining current documentation and assuring that staff members are aware of the changes that affect them presents a challenge to healthcare organizations.



FastFlow provides the automation and collaboration tools that enable healthcare organizations to maintain their policies and procedures. Any hospital team member anywhere can quickly access the FastFlow repository of approved documents.


FastFlow’s workflow engine automates the processes of adding and updating documents as well as notifying the staff that will implement the new policies and procedures. FastFlow’s flexible features support the “5 A’s” of Policy and Procedure Management:

  • Availability – Access policy and procedure documents from any web browser
  • Accuracy – Automated change and approval processes help ensure accuracy
  • Authoritative – A single repository for all documents with version control
  • Accountability – Care-giver notification and affirmation of receipt of policies and procedures
  • Auditable – Track the document life cycle as well as staff sign-offs and agreements


The results of proper policy and procedure management include minimized compliance risk, increased patient safety, and improved clinical outcomes. The FastFlow Policy and Procedure Management application drives the following benefits:

  • Shortens audits in regular accreditation cycles and surprise inspections
  • Promotes compliance with best practices
  • Reduces healthcare provider risk
  • Assures availability of current policies and procedures

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