Onboarding Process Automation


Business Need

For hospitals and health systems, quickly onboarding new hires is especially important as healthcare needs across the country continue to grow.  It’s crucial that new employees not only complete tasks quickly to get up to speed, but gain a comprehensive knowledge of the organization’s mission and values as well.  It’s also important that employees connect with team leaders and mentors to ensure they understand and embrace the hospital’s standards for care and collaboration.


Effectively managing the onboarding process contributes to a more productive, engaged, and care-focused workforce.  However, many hospitals today struggle with the important process due to a lack of tools to automate the workflow.


Onboarding forms are frequently paper-based, introducing process bottlenecks when it comes to filing them or transcribing data from them.  Mentoring and coaching efforts can be cumbersome processes requiring team leaders to manually keep track of key dates to follow-up with new hire.  For the new employee, there is often a lot of confusion around what’s required of them.  With an automated way to check that all documents and tasks are completed, they can start the new position feeling frustrated and lost.



FormFast offers workflow solutions to help more effectively onboard employees.  Paper documents are replaced by electronic forms that can collect discrete data and are routed instantly.  The data collected in online forms and electronic checklists can trigger workflows and alerts to ensure all parties are taking the appropriate actions.  Features of this automated system include:

  • Paperless eForms to replace paper documents
  • Employee, Hiring Manager, and HR Manager Checklists
  • Workflow tracking to ensure completion of tasks
  • Automated notifications for coaches to help track 30, 60, 90-day check-ins and other important milestones
  • Extensive mobile device support
  • Online access to all necessary onboarding documents


Improved processes result in improved outcomes.  Hospital leaders and HR professionals value FormFast’s ability to help streamline the onboarding workflow, collect the information they need, and empower staff to better train new employees.  Benefits of an automated system for the onboarding process include:

  • Quicker completion of onboarding tasks
  • Improved education for new hires
  • More engaged staff
  • Improved accountability and productivity for all workflow participants
  • Enhanced process monitoring for departmental stakeholders
  • Increased compliance with hospital policy and procedure
  • Better quality outcomes

Automate Onboarding Process

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