Offboarding Process Automation


Business Need

Offboarding can be a stressful process for both the outgoing employee and for human resources professionals tasked with ensuring procedures are properly followed during the transition.


This is compounded by the fact that many healthcare organizations don’t have effective tools in place to help them automate this process.  Often offboarding is a manual workflow where paper forms are used to collect information and staff must be very knowledgeable about hospital policies and procedures in order to complete the tasks correctly.


This create challenges for staff trying to manage the offboarding process.  The workflow is inherently slow due to collection of data on paper, and errors occur when steps are skipped, documents fail to be completed, or misinformation is shared with the transitioning employee.


For human resources professionals, mistakes cause process bottlenecks and introduce risk into the organization.  For instance, failing to alert IT staff that an employee is no longer permitted access hospital systems can result in exposing sensitive information, such as financial data, the organization’s intellectual property, or PHI.


Therefore, hospital leaders are looking for a better way to manage this critical workflow.



FormFast offers a more efficient, more effective way to manage off-boarding.  The online workflow platform allows staff to send required documents involving retirement, benefits, final payment, and more to an outgoing employee quickly and securely.


Hospital team members also value tracking and notification features that help ensure that all tasks are completed to ensure compliance with the organization’s standards.


HR leaders appreciate that processes can be standardized for all employees in the organization with one centralized platform.  Plus they can monitor the progress of offboarding workflows to make sure they are completed without delays or issues.

  • Instant electronic delivery of final paperwork and post-employment documents
  • Online paperless eForms to replace paper forms, improving data capture and reducing errors
  • Intelligent workflow routing to quickly inform staff of changes to the employee’s status and expedite task completion
  • Notifications to alert staff of required actions and documents
  • Tracking features to monitor the completion of off-boarding tasks
  • Audit features to ensure compliance with standardized offboarding procedures


Implementing a standardized, automated offboarding procedure should be a priority for any HR professional particularly in a healthcare setting.  FormFast streamlines the process of transitioning an employee out of the organization in an expedited, compliant manner.  Benefits of this solution include:

  • Faster completion of off-boarding tasks
  • Ensure timely delivery of required documents to employee in transition
  • Improved compliance with industry and hospital standards
  • Enhanced protection against security threats related to intellectual property and system access
  • Improved standardization of offboarding processes across the enterprise

Automate Your Offboarding Process

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