Human Resources Inquiry


Business Need

Inquires to human resources seem like they should be a simple process without a lot of bottlenecks.  However, in healthcare organizations, HR inquires are yet another cumbersome processes that drains resources and limits productivity.


Currently requests to HR are often submitted via paper forms which must be manually routed through the organizations or phone calls directly to the HR department.


Managing these inquires on paper is sub-optimal because of the time it takes to transport, review, file, and transcribe data from them.  is a challenge to manage.  Calls aren’t the best way to manage these requests either.  They interrupt human resources staff from completing other tasks and are not easily trackable.


HR team members need a more efficient way to receive, prioritize, and manage incoming inquires.  FormFast offers a better solution.



Inquiries are submitted instantly to HR from anywhere in the organization with paperless, online workflow.  HR staff can track the progress of inquiries.  Staff can see the status of their inquiry when needed.  Reports can be run to show the types of requests submitted – this gives HR leaders insights about how they can improve their communication and workflows.

  • Online access to electronic HR inquiry forms
    • Allow staff to submit requests instantly to HR from anywhere in the organization
  • In-Flight Workflow View to track the progress of requests
  • Automated notifications to alert HR staff of new requests and to inform staff of approvals or rejections
  • Reports to audit the types of requests submitted
    • Gain insights into where additional staff education or resources are needed


FormFast’s HR Inquiry application helps improve communication between human resources and other departments.  This allows human resource professionals to focus their time on mission-critical tasks and for clinical staff to focus their attention on patient care.  Benefits of an automated HR inquiry solution include:

  • Streamlined communication between hospital staff and human resources department
  • Faster task completion
  • Improved process visibility and accountability
  • More actionable data on employees’ needs
    • Contributes to process improvement initiatives

Improve Communication

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