Employee Rounding


Business Need

As healthcare leaders strive to improve quality in light of the new fee-for-value delivery model, there is a need for tools that can help pinpoint areas for improvement throughout the organization.


Managers and HR professionals currently have a fair amount of engagement with staff in the form of rounding.  They’re having conversations about challenges, uncovering workflow issues, and gathering feedback about what’s working for their staff.


The problem today is actually capturing that data and displaying it in a way that is useful to process owners.  Departmental leaders may take a note regarding an employee that should be recognized or write down information regarding issues they uncover.  However, that information isn’t very actionable.  In fact, it’s a challenge to transcribe the data into some sort of useful format.  Therefore it frequently goes unused by the organization.


Organizations need a more efficient system to capture, track, and manage the actionable data gathered during rounding.



FormFast offers a simple way to collect discrete data via paperless electronic forms that can be filled out on a mobile device.  As leaders do their rounding, they can capture information useful for process improvement electronically.


Types of data collected include opportunities for recognition, staff observations, issues identified, suggestions for improvement, and patient complaints.


The data from the electronic forms feeds into centralized dashboards, tracking key metrics and allow team leaders to better understand where challenges are occurring, how staff are excelling, and areas where patient care can be improved.  Features of this solution include:

  • Online access to eForms from anywhere in the organization
  • Customized form design to capture the right information for your hospital
  • Mobile device support to display forms on tablets or other devices
  • Discrete data capture for effective reporting
  • Customizable dashboards allowing hospital leaders to see the information most important to them


Individuals performing rounding can enter data during their rounding sessions directly into the system.  This valuable data collected not only tracks the completion and frequency of rounds, but also makes feedback from the individuals interviewed actionable to ensure resolution of issues and celebration of wins.  Benefits of FormFast’s employee rounding solution include:

  • More actionable data for hospital leaders
  • Improved discovery of issues and successes
  • Prevention of patient safety risks
  • Quicker resolution of problems involving staff performance
  • Increased accountability
  • More engaged team members


Improve Rounding Processes

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