Employee Evaluations


Business Need

The Joint Commission sets standards for staff qualification and education. To meet the standards hospitals need to track the performance of staff members. Each staff member’s responsibilities must be defined by a current job description. Evaluations are to be directly related to the stated job description. Regular evaluations must be conducted to ensure performance levels as well as record educational development and credentialing information.



The FastFlow Employee Evaluation application allows hospitals to convert their employee evaluation form into a fillable eForm to collect staff data.  The paperless document is routed via electronic workflow throughout the organization making the HR processes fast, secure, and trackable.


FastFlow provides a platform to manage and maintain job descriptions and the measures of success for each position. FastFlow automates the process of annual employee evaluations and helps gather data required for staff planning and budgeting. Standard features of FastFlow provide a powerful tool for human resource information management:

  • Workflow rules
  • Uses familiar forms for workflow and data collection
  • Data integration to reduce redundant data entry
  • Data reporting for analysis
  • Flexible data reuse


The results of a properly managed employee evaluation system include minimized compliance risk, increased patient safety and higher quality of care. The automation saves time and allows staff and managers to complete evaluations in a timely manner. The automation provides the following benefits:

  • Easily provide evidence of compliance to The Joint Commission
  • Shorter timeframe for completing annual evaluations
  • Staff receives a clear and consistent evaluation of their performance based on pre-defined metrics.


Simplify Your Employee Evaluations

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