Employee Change of Status


Business Need

When an employee is hired, terminated or changes roles in a healthcare organization, many departments and processes are affected, often with significant privacy and patient safety concerns.


Employee status changes can create mountains of paperwork, affecting dozens of areas within an organization. When a new employee is hired for instance, many departments need to be updated simultaneously to provide access to numerous services and applications. Each time that employee’s role changes, many of their access privileges need to change as well. This common activity can lead to a series of error prone, time-consuming tasks that are often not formally recorded in a way that they can be easily tracked.


According to many of our customers, the employee change status form is one of the most used forms in their hospital. Many have turned to us for a solution that will allow their staff to spend less time in the inefficient paper shuffle that eats away at worker productivity. FormFast provides a solution that not only automates this process but also adds accountability, reporting and tracking to a process that had previously been an untamed mess of paper files, phone calls, and emails.



Using FormFast’s web-based workflow system, FastFlow, a single status change form can be sent simultaneously to Human Resources, Information Services, Accounting, Administration, Security and many others with details of the employee status. Access to patients, sensitive data, and critical systems can be granted or restricted quickly, without the delays inherent in a paper process.


FastFlow uses the familiar look of forms as an interface to workflow applications. This entirely web-based system makes it easy to obtain the appropriate departmental signatures, and deliver information immediately to those who need it – all while tracking historical data for trending and reporting purposes.


FastFlow makes a dramatic change in the value of the entire process. While previously information was written on a paper form, which was only used as a communication tool, now information is collected in an electronic system, adding value beyond the process itself. For example, hospital assets assigned to staff can be recorded and tracked. To accomplish this, FastFlow is built for flexibility so the form and the routing are customizable to meet the requirements of your organization.



The FastFlow Employee Status Change application transforms a serial paper process into an automated online workflow which:

  • Eliminates issues that arise from lost or misfiled paper forms
  • Reduces turnaround time of requests
  • Enhances compliance with the hospital’s access and security policies
  • Supports electronic signatures for requisite approvals
  • Provides robust reporting and tracking features
  • Allows you to add new value to your administrative processes

Improve Employee Status Change Process

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