Chart Requests


Business Need

Access to accurate patient information is essential to clinical decisions, making Chart Requests an invaluable process in any healthcare organization. Receiving and processing requests in a timely manner can avert serious medical errors and ensure continuing quality care throughout your organization. What if you could use a simple and powerful tool to extend chart requesting forms both inside and outside the walls of your hospital?



FormFast Enterprise Workflow automates the chart request process by extending charge tickets to those responsible for recording the charges. Features of this automated workflow include:

  • Hospital specific forms with up-to-date charges
  • Flexible routing options for error correction and notifications
  • Options for required fields, drop down lists, checkboxes and restricted data entry
  • Secure email notifications for steps in the workflow continuum
  • Discrete data capture and reporting


The FormFast Chart Request Workflow drives the following benefits:

  • Improved user satisfaction through easily accessible, online charge capture forms
  • Increased reimbursement by reducing lost charges
  • Decreased turn-around time and days not-final-billed
  • Reduced resource utilization and costs

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