New Product Evaluation


Business Need

New products are available on a continuous basis. Most hospitals have a process for evaluating new products when a supplier makes a suggestion. Oftentimes this is a paper based process that also requires several meetings – tying up expensive clinical personnel and slowing the evaluation process down. An automated workflow greatly helps to speed up this evaluation and helps the hospital to make timely decisions regarding new technologies and their place at the hospital.



FormFast Enterprise Workflow enables a New Product Evaluation form to be filled out online and automatically routed to the people who help make the evaluation for the hospital. The New Product Evaluation Workflow offers the following features:

  • The evaluation can be automatically routed based on the evaluations needed. For example:
    • Accounting for ROI
    • Engineering for facility issues
    • IT for technology issues
  • Surgical Nurses can fill out checklist on computer equipment already installed in the surgical suite, or on a sterilized W.O.W. that would normally already be found in the room
  • The workflow’s audit trail adds accountability
  • Attachments can be added to the workflow, such as:
    • Specification sheets
    • ROI
    • Competitive product flyers
  • The workflow rules can be constructed to enforce hospital policies regarding New Product Evaluations


The FormFast New Product Evaluation Workflow drives the following benefits:

  • Enhances the speed of the New Product Evaluation process
  • Helps new products to get evaluated faster
  • Enhances the organization’s ability to adapt to new technology and products
  • Helps to make better decisions concerning new products
  • Enhances compliance with hospital’s policies, since the workflow rules can be easily customized around your organization’s policies
  • Increases process efficiency

Automate New Product Evaluation Forms

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