Check Printing


Business Need

Many solutions for laser check processing are expensive, complicated and cumbersome and do not provide a comfort level with respect to security. You are required to buy equipment, supplies and blank check stock at premium rates. You are not in control. Thus many clients are still seeking solutions.


At FormFast, we keep it simple and secure. Because we have done hundreds of conversions using our own software, we have the experience to integrate this application to your systems, like McKesson and MEDITECH, without fanfare in a couple of days.



Expensive preprinted checks are replaced by generic check stock with a security background. The FormFast program allows reformatted data to be laser printed on blank check stock, stuffed in an envelope or processed as one page fold and seal self-mailer product.


Other options are postal Postnet barcode for reduced postage, duplex printing and consolidation of multi-page payroll and AP checks.


Check images are all stored electronically, either in printer memory or on a host computer so they print with data on blank check stock.



The FormFast Check Output workflow drives the following benefits:

  • No inventory of negotiable checks
  • No check numbers to control
  • No retyping / voiding damaged or jammed checks
  • No secondary operation to sign
  • Laser printer inserts signature
  • No bursting or separating
  • Automation of folding / stuffing
  • Increased document security and control

Simplify Check Printing

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