Supply Request Form Solution


Business Need

Every day nurses request medical supplies for the nursing floor from Central Supply. Every hospital has a supply request form, and sometimes an approval process, to get these necessary supplies. Oftentimes this is a paper form that gets filled out in triplicate and routed via internal mail – slowly crawling its way through the process. An automated workflow greatly accelerates this process and adds a level of accountability that otherwise could not be achieved.



FormFast enterprise workflow platform enables every department in the hospital to submit online a Central Supply Request form that flows through to the appropriate personnel for approval and then on to Central Supply for order fulfillment. Features of this automated workflow include:

  • Automatic routing based on total dollar value of requisition captures appropriate approvals
  • Automatic routing ensures Central Supply Request policies are enforced and followed
  • The workflow’s audit trail adds accountability to the process
  • Email notifications for each step of the workflow process keep the requester informed about the request’s progress
  • Reporting helps Central Supply to trend requests and adjust inventory accordingly


The FormFast Central Supply Request Workflow drives the following benefits:

  • Greatly speeds up the Central Supply Request process
  • Provides convenience for the administrators in the process
  • Compliance with the hospital’s purchasing policies is enhanced since the workflow rules can be easily customized around your organization’s policies
  • Increased process efficiency
  • Robust reporting options
  • Reduced turn-around time of Central Supply Request approval and fulfillment


Improve Your Supply Request Process

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