Patient Demographics & Barcode Imprinting


Business Need

For hospitals relying on pre-printed paper forms, applying patient demographic information to forms and wristbands is a cumbersome process.  Labels with unique patient identifiers are be printed at registration areas, and manually placed, one-by-one, onto forms.


This is naturally a tedious, error-prone process.  Forms can be missed labeled, causing issues that produce negative safety and quality outcomes.


When it come to archival of forms, the process is also slow and prone to human-error.  Forms must be manually indexed when scanned into the hospital’s electronic archiving system.



FormFast provides a better way to imprint forms and wristbands.  Pre-printed forms are replaced by electronic forms that are generated on-demand at registration areas and nursing units.


The FormFast system integrates with the organization’s HIS system, pulling patient-specific information and digitally imprinting it on the forms at they are printed or displayed.  Likewise, barcodes are intelligently produced on the forms so that automatically index the forms as they are scanned.

Features of the FormFast solution include:

  • Integration with HIS or PAS systems
  • Logic-based form selection
  • On-demand access to approved forms repository
  • Barcodes and imprinting matched to archiving system specifications


Barcoding and imprinting on-demand offers several improvements valuable to clinical, patient access, and HIM staff.  Benefits include:

  • Improved positive patient identification
  • Expedited registration processes
  • Increased focus on care delivery vs. paper work
  • Prevention of safety issues due to human errors
  • Improved accuracy during electronic archival of documents

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