Paperless Clinical Forms


Limited Automation in Clinical Areas

With hospitals investing millions to automate clinical processes, many health IT leaders are frustrated to find that not all processes are paperless following the implementation of new clinical systems.


For many hospitals, particularly regarding certain ancillary areas, orders and other forms must be manually added to the EMR. Manual scanning introduces inherent inefficiencies along with the increased risk of human-error and missing documents.


Therefore clinical documentation solutions are needed to automate existing paper forms that remain outside of the EMR.


Gaps in Clinical Processes

Even with the CPOE and other clinical systems fully implemented, process gaps exist in which services, such as the sleep lab, rehabilitation units, outpatient surgery, laboratory and other areas, lack the ability to leverage the system.


These processes are often managed with paper forms. Data is collected on pre-printed documents, then immediately scanned into the EMR, creating a process bottleneck and delaying the submission of the documents into the electronic medical record.


Improved Clinical Workflow

FormFast allows hospitals to put orders, forms, and other documentation online in a clinical document portal or other comparable interface as electronic forms. Hospital staff appreciate the accessibility and ease of use the solution provides.


Electronic forms, featuring fillable fields, serve as a vehicle for collecting clinical data. In addition to text areas, other types of fillable fields, such as check boxes and drop-down lists, streamline the completion of the forms and help maintain standardization as the information is collected.


Upon submission by the care team, the eForms are seamlessly archived in the EMR via direct integration, eliminating the need for manual scanning. FormFast’s clinical document solution ensures all clinical data is captured and added to the patient record in a timely, efficient manner.

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