Downtime: Is Your Healthcare Organization Prepared?


Date and Time: Wednesday, August 28th, 2019 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM CDT

Description:  Downtime events in healthcare organizations can directly impact patient safety, revenue, staff productivity, and the patient experience.

HIPAA regulations require organizations to “establish procedures to enable continuation of critical business processes…while operating in emergency mode.” Yet, a 2017 JAMIA study found that 43% of the time, downtime procedures were not followed or not in place​.

How does your health system’s downtime preparedness plan measure up?

  • Can you register patients electronically during downtime?
  • Do you have drawers full of paper, or do you have up-to-date documents on hand?

Join our educational session where we will explore the importance of having a downtime solution in place, as well as the different needs and requirements around Downtime at Registration and Downtime for Clinical Documentation.

You will also get a first-hand look at how FormFast’s Downtime Solution enables access to patient data and registration workflows during downtime events with the ability to generate forms and labels with patient demographic information and barcodes. See why FormFast is a critical component of our clients’ business continuity plans.




Robin McKee, MS, RN is the Director of Clinical Informatics/Solutions at FormFast. As a core member of the solution management team, McKee connects directly with the clinical community to gather the information needed to help ensure that solutions meet the needs of healthcare customers.

Robin brings over twenty years of clinical experience as a registered nurse in hospitals, outpatient, and community health settings. Her passion to improve care through technology pushed her to the Health IT world in 2015, where she obtained her informatics degree and worked on EHR implementations until joining FormFast in 2017.

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