Mobile Technology For Your Pre-Registration Process

FormFast’s Pre-Registration solution ensures patients review and complete required admissions documents and checklists electronically at home. This gives providers the real-time data they need to deliver better care, while engaging the patient in their own care journey.

Guided Form ViewImage CaptureElectronic SignaturePatient Data CaptureEHR Integration
FormFast’s Guided Form View walks the patient throught the forms they need to complete step-by-step. The intuitive, app-like experience promotes health literacy and ensures that patients complete forms and documents properly.


As the checkboxes are checked, secondary follow-up questions are dynamically displayed to collect more information relevant to the patient.

One of the requirements for pre-registration is collecting insurance information from the patient.


FormFast’s Image Capture feature allows your patients to take a picture of their insurance card and attach it to the form so it can be processed before they arrive at the facility.


For patients without the ability to submit an image of the insurance card, they can type their information in to the FormFast form.

Forms requiring signatures are traditionally signed at the admissions station, but now signatures can be collected ahead of procedures with FormFast’s Electronic Signature capabilities.


Using their mobile device, patients can sign with their finger to capture a digital signature that looks like it was handwritten.


For patients without mobile devices with signature functionality, they can type their name, and FormFast will create the appearance of a signature to serve as proof of their consent.

FormFast serves as an add-on to your EHR or patient portal to streamline pre-registration and capture patient-generated data remotely. Documents and data are instantly visible to the care team as the patient completes online forms.


Upon a patient’s arrival to their appointment, their documentation has already been reviewed and processed, so admissions are accelerated and treatment is expedited.

FormFast integrates with all major EHR systems to improve how information is shared between patients and providers.


Using HL7 and FHIR protocols, FormFast prefills data from the EHR into forms to expedite form completion and reduce errors.


Data and forms collected by FormFast can be shared with the EHR or other systems to provide real-time information to the care team before the patient even arrives for treatment.

Discover How FormFast’s Pre-Registration Solution Improves Your Process

FormFast’s Pre-Registration Solution can help you:

  • Streamline and accelerate admissions workflows
  • Reduce wait times in registration areas
  • Eliminate tasks for care coordination and admissions staff
  • Engage patients beyond the walls of the facility
  • Collect patient-generated health data prior to care
  • Enhance EHRs and patient portals with best-in-class electronic forms capabilities

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