FormFast for Pre-Care Documentation

Enabling Patient Forms & Checklists to be Completed Before Care

Unfortunately, many processes throughout the care journey today are still slow and inefficient. This is often due to a healthcare organization’s reliance on paper forms and lack of personalized care navigation technologies to ensure patients are prepared for a care event or procedure, even before they enter the doors of their healthcare organization.


Reaching Patients Beyond Hospital Walls

FormFast’s technology makes it possible for patients to review and complete healthcare forms at home prior to a procedure or other appointment. In addition to filling out necessary health forms, patients are also presented with pre-care checklists to help them be fully prepared and educated on their care plan.

With FormFast, care coordinators and case managers can electronically send patients documents, such as pre-admission and intake forms, release of information forms, care checklists and types of patient education materials, prior to their arrival.

Patients can discuss their options with family members in advance, allowing them to feel more confident about healthcare choices.

Clinicians can make the most of their valuable time and support their mission of providing quality care with the ability to quickly and easily access information when and where they need it.


More Informed Patients, Better Results for Healthcare Systems

Every delayed and rescheduled surgery results in wasted healthcare dollars and has a negative impact on hospital revenues, while it inconveniences patients, their families, the surgeon, the anesthesia team, and the surgery staff. These delays and errors often stem from a patient not following specific instructions given prior to surgery.

Pre-care checklists and electronic forms ensure that fasting and other forms of pre-procedure tasks are completed to prevent delays in treatment or surgery cancellations by help to ensure patients have completed and understand the information provided to them.

FormFast Connect’s care navigation capabilities help prevent appointment and surgery cancellations or delays related to poor preparation or incomplete or inaccurate documentation.


FormFast is transforming healthcare documentation by connecting patients and providers beyond the walls of the hospital: before and after care. This advances care coordination, maximizes clinicians valuable time and creates a more engaged patient population.

“If possible I’d like to complete forms at home.  I want to take the time to read the documentation to make sure I fully understand the procedure before arriving.”


Ready to Automate Documentation Processes Before Care?

Learn how you can enhance care coordination and the patient experience outside the walls of your health system!


Bringing Healthcare Documentation Up to Speed


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Did you know?

Benefits of FormFast Before-Care

for Patients for Care Coordinators for Clinicians

-Patients can complete and sign eForms anywhere

-Opportunity to review documentation with family

-Familiar form design promotes understanding and adoption

-Guided checklist to ensure preparation for a care event


-Streamlined distribution of pre-care forms

-Ability to track patient’s form completion prior to their arrival

-Reduced time spent managing patient onboarding processes


-Improves data collection and form completion

-Prevents cancellations or delays related to poor preparation or documentation

-Enables clinicians to review checklists and sign documents from anywhere


Care Navigation & Workflow Solutions Before-Care


Ready to Automate Documentation Processes Before Care?

Learn how you can enhance care coordination and the patient experience outside the walls of your health system!