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John D. Archbold Memorial Hospital

Disaster Recovery: The Clock is Ticking… Is Your Hospital Ready?

The loving support and care from this memorial hospital dates back to 1925. Currently, their facility provides over 800 hospital beds. However, extended time where their devices were nonoperational was becoming an extremely disastrous issue. The decision was made to convert to FormFast. It took 6 weeks for it to go live. The hospital had 19 hours of downtime in that span, but were able to bring the software completely up to date just two hours after coming back online. No data was lost and a new downtime response was found. Since the discovery, the hospital has expanded its use of FormFast. The facility is now able to gather release forms, insurance cards and clinical results prior to patient admission. Change can be difficult to execute especially after almost a century of doing business. However, in any lasting success story, adapting to the times is very important.

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