NEW CUSTOMER: Absolute Medical Inc.

Absolute Medical Inc. Adds FormFast Connect to Enhance Salesforce Environment & Leverage Remote Form Capabilties

Absolute Medical Inc.  provides customers with a variety of affordable, cutting edge compression therapy products serviced by our knowledgeable, highly trained staff. Our vision is to empower our customers to be in control of their diagnosis, increase their quality of life, and to obtain a lifelong partnership throughout their medical treatment.

Absolute Medical will be using FormFast Connect to gather patient information and measurements to support their procurement as an integrated solution to SalesForce. The manufacturer was looking for a configurable forms solution to supplement their Salesforce environment, and FormFast Connect was the solution. FormFast will be working with Penrod Consulting, a systems integrator for SalesForce, to bring the solution to Absolute Medical Inc.

With FormFast Connect, patients can review and complete necessary healthcare documentation from any device, at any time, in the conve

nience of their own home, and with family members and caretakers. The information is added to the EHR in real-time and instantly visible to the care team.

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