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Using Workflow Automation to Replace Paper Processes

Workflow automation software improves business processes by streamlining the transfer of documents and information across the enterprise, ensuring fast, secure delivery.

Workfllow Automation - Electronic Forms - Business Process ManagementIn a paper-based environment, the tasks of routing and delivering the form are done manually.  Therefore the process is inherently slow and error-prone.


Documents get lost or sent to the wrong person.  Mission-critical processes are delayed due to slow delivery.  Sensitive information is at risk of being exposed to those without authorization to view.  Errors such as these are time-consuming and expensive.


Healthcare organizations seeking to improve productivity and do “more with less” amid lower reimbursements need a more efficient way to manage tasks and documents.  That’s why FormFast created its workflow automation platform – to help streamline hospital operations and ease the burden of delivering high quality care.


Automate Your Workflow Processes

Discover how you can streamline tasks enterprise-wide with FormFast’s workflow automation platform.


Managing and Automating Workflows

Visual Workflow Designer for Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation is important tool for process improvement in which businesses benefit from higher efficiency, better time management, and a higher level of organization.


Paperless automation eliminates errors in routing, completion, and delivery.


The system creates an environment where processes can be completed in a fraction of the time it would take traditionally.  The benefit is greater productivity, reducing resource costs and allowing for more time to be focused on the organization’s mission versus administrative tasks.


FastFlow, FormFast’s workflow automation platform, allows you to manage workflows in any department across the organization.


FormFast’s technology provides the ability to manage documents, routes, tasks, electronic signature requirements, collaboration, and users. Additionally, the system integrates with existing business systems such as databases, archiving systems, and other portals.


FastFlow | FormFast's Workflow Automation Platform

FastFlow captures data and uses it to drive workflow automation and generate dashboards and reports.


Visual Workflow AutomationThe Visual Workflow Designer makes it easy to define workflow routes but offers advanced features like step actions, disposition actions, and group task assignments.


Electronic forms are routed instantly anywhere in the hospital, maintaining an audit trail and generating notifications to ensure quick completion of tasks.


Monitor critical metrics and key performance indicators (KPI) in realtime in any area of the hospital.  Work faster and smarter with workflow automation via FastFlow.


Automate. Accelerate. Excel.


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