Siemens Health Services Now Operate Under the Cerner Name

FormFast can still help you transition your organization to a paperless environment. We can integrate with any EMR system, including Cerner Health Systems, to help your organization achieve greater productivity.


FormFast empowers over 1,000 hospitals worldwide by automating documents and workflow, capturing data, and streamlining operations.


Through the use of eForms, electronic signature, and workflow management in both clinical and non-clinical areas, FormFast helps hospitals focus on their core mission – delivering quality care.


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Patient Safety | Compliance with Joint Commission’s NPSG

In addition to the efficiency gains and cost savings, one of the most important benefits that FormFast solutions offer is improved patient safety.  FormFast’s solutions meet the Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG) – Goal One: Improve the accuracy of patient identification.


FormFast is the leading provider of automation technology to barcode and digitally imprint patient information onto wristbands, labels, and documentation dynamically.  Utilizing our solutions allows your hospital to adhere to NPSG.01.01.01 mandating the use of “at least two patient identifiers when providing care, treatment, and services.”  FormFast imprints multiple identifiers including the medical record number, name, date of birth, age, and gender, along with a patient-specific barcode to guarantee positive patient identification.


Ensure that patient safety standards are met with automated barcoding and digital imprinting by FormFast.


Contributing to a Comprehensive EMR | Automated Archival

Along with the placement of barcodes and demographics for patient identification, FormFast digitally imprints documentation with identifiers for proper archival of clinical documentation into the EMR.


For hospitals transitioning to an increasingly paperless environment, barcodes provide a way to automate the scanning of ancillary documents into the EMR.  For hospitals seeking a completely paperless method of clinical document capture, FormFast fillable eForms collect clinical information and feed the documents directly into the EMR without the need to print and scan.


Both methods ensure that all clinical information is collected and archived properly in the correct patient folder, adhering to compliance standards.  FormFast helps Siemens hospitals achieve the vision of automated clinical workflow and contributes to the goal of delivering a comprehensive patient record within the EMR.


Electronic Signature Capture

FormFast integrates with Siemens to automate the patient consent process, collecting patient signatures electronically and applying them to FormFast eForms to create legally-signed, paperless documentation.


FormFast supports electronic signature devices, similar to those found in retail stores, and mobile tablets like the Apple iPad™ to capture patients’ handwritten signatures.  The e-signatures are merged with the form image, and immediately routed to the EMR, eliminating the task of scanning entirely.


The result is a streamlined, paperless process that eliminates lost paper consents and ensures all patient-signed documents are archived in the right location within the patient’s EMR folder.  The benefit to the hospital is increased compliance, reduced risk, and improved patient safety.



Whether downtime is scheduled or unscheduled, hospitals must continue to register patients adhering to the same patient safety standards expected during uptime.


FormFast provides Siemens hospitals with a downtime registration solution allowing staff to capture patient information and produce barcoded forms, wristbands, and labels with patient-specific identifiers for positive patient ID.  Once the system is restored, the clinical documentation generated by FormFast can be instantly added to the EMR.


Having a downtime registration and clinical documentation solution is critical to maintaining the integrity of the patient record and safeguarding against patient safety risks.


Automate. Accelerate. Excel.

Siemens Health Services is now a part of Cerner’s Health Division.


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FAQs about Transitioning

Our forms are paper-based. We need to archive them in the EDM, but we have to hand-label each form with a barcode. Do you have a better way?

Yes, our solution replaces your paper forms with electronic forms.  We integrate with the HIS system (Invision, MedSeries4, Soarian, etc.) to receive patient demographic information at registration.  The FormFast platform digitally imprints the patient information and patient-specific barcode onto the form image.  The document also includes an identifier so it can be properly archived in correct patient folder within EDM.


This all occurs seamlessly during registration or on the nursing floor.  There is no negative culture change associated.  In fact, hospital staff prefer automation by FormFast since it eliminates manual tasks and reduces patient safety risks.


We can capture patient consents at registration electronically. How can FormFast help collect signatures in other areas?

FormFast offers support of mobile devices like the Apple iPad™ allowing Siemens hospitals to easily collect signatures right at the bedside. This is ideal for nursing units and the emergency department since it offers more convenience for staff and greater comfort for patients than other alternatives.


With FormFast’s eSignature solution the entire process is paperless, displaying an electronic form on a digital display. Once the document is e-Signed, it is expedited directly to the EMR archiving system without the need to print or scan.


We have the ability to create form templates in EDM but they can’t be saved. How can FormFast help?

FormFast offers the software tools & training to create, save, and store electronic versions of forms. Alternately, FormFast can free up hospital tech support resources by way of our managed form services (MFS) offering.


For hospitals that want to manage the forms themselves, FormFast provides an intuitive form design tool to convert, create and edit electronic forms in-house. The hospital can save each electronic form separately and use them as a starting point for creating more form. FormFast even let you store specific design elements, like the organization’s logo or contact information, to quickly apply to new forms.


With the FormFast managed form services, our team of skilled form designers produce, manage, and maintain your electronic forms for you. Our forms specialists respond to your form changes and keep your system up-to-date with only the most current, forms committee-approved electronic forms.


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