Electronic Forms Solutions for Prelude, ADT Registration, EpicCare, & More

Looking to achieve greater automation, improved patient safety, and comprehensive continuity of patient data via a seamless, integrated environment, hospitals around the globe include FormFast as a key part of their automation strategy as they implement their EMR.  FormFast solutions designed to complement and add functionality to critical hospital systems, like Prelude, EpicCare, and other Epic Systems modules.


Hospitals turn to FormFast’s industry-leading solutions for eForms, electronic signature, barcoding & digital imprinting, discrete data capture, and workflow to reach their goals of improved patient safety outcomes, efficiency, standardization and data utilization.


Over 1000 hospitals depend on FormFast to improve processes enterprise-wide. Explore why your hospital should include FormFast in its Epic implementation plans.


Patient Safety | Compliance with Joint Commission’s NPSG

Outside of efficiency gains and cost savings, one of the most important benefits offered by FormFast solutions is improved patient safety.  FormFast’s solutions meet the Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG) – Goal One: Improve the accuracy of patient identification.


FormFast is the top provider of process automation technologies to barcode and imprint patient information digitally onto wristbands, labels, and documentation.  Our solutions allow your hospital to adhere to NPSG.01.01.01, mandating the use of “at least two patient identifiers when providing care, treatment, and services.”  Imprinting multiple identifiers including the medical record number, name, date of birth, age, and gender, along with a patient-specific barcode, FormFast improves positive patient identification.


Guarantee that your hospital’s patient safety standards are met with automated barcoding and digital imprinting by FormFast.


Streamline Paperless Document Archival

Along with the placement of barcodes and demographics for patient identification, FormFast digitally imprints documentation with identifiers for proper archival of clinical documentation into the EMR.


For hospitals transitioning to an increasingly paperless environment, barcodes provide a way to automate the scanning of additional documents into the EMR.


For hospitals seeking a completely paperless method of clinical document capture, our fillable eForms collect clinical information and deliver the documents directly into the EMR without having to waste resources printing and/or scanning.


Both methods ensure that all clinical information is collected and archived properly in the correct patient folder, adhering to compliance standards.  FormFast helps hospitals using Epic Systems achieve the vision of automated clinical workflow and contributes to the goal of delivering a comprehensive patient record within the EMR.


Mobile Electronic Signature Capture for Epic

FormFast integrates with Epic Systems to automate the patient consent process, collecting patient signatures electronically and applying them to FormFast eForms to create legally-signed, paperless documentation.


FormFast supports electronic signature devices, similar to those found in retail stores, and mobile tablets like the Apple iPad™ to capture patients’ handwritten signatures.  The e-signatures are merged with the form image, and immediately routed to the EMR, eliminating the task of scanning entirely.


The result is a streamlined, paperless process that eliminates lost paper consents and ensures all patient-signed documents are archived in the right location within the patient’s EMR folder.  The benefit to the hospital is increased compliance, reduced risk, and improved patient safety.


Downtime Solutions for Epic Systems - eForms at Registration

Whether downtime is scheduled or unscheduled, hospitals must continue to register patients adhering to the same patient safety standards expected during uptime.


FormFast provides Epic hospitals with a downtime registration solution allowing staff to capture patient information and produce barcoded forms, wristbands, and labels with patient-specific identifiers for positive patient ID.  Once the system is restored, the clinical documentation generated by FormFast can be instantly added to the EMR.


Having a downtime registration and clinical documentation solution is critical to maintaining the integrity of the patient record and safeguarding against patient safety risks.


Automate. Accelerate. Excel.


Epic hospitals look to FormFast when:

  • They need a comprehensive forms strategy for all forms in the environment.
  • They want a standardized forms strategy to facilitate a simpler transition to Epic and to manage those forms that do not make sense to go into Epic.
  • They’re looking for downtime support.
  • They’re looking for a Mobile eSignature solution that allows for extensive device support.
  • They’re looking to manage forms that live outside of Epic today. (Pysch, Clinics, Urgent Care, etc.).
  • They want to automate administrative workflows (HR, risk, quality, IT, and other supporting processes).

FAQs about Transitioning to Epic

Isn’t Epic going to eliminate all of our forms?

As hospitals make to the transition to clinical modules in Epic, some paper forms may still be used in many areas, including ancillary and outpatient departments or even in critical patient access areas.

For instance, many hospitals still capture consent by having patients sign paper forms. FormFast integrates with Epic to automate the remaining documentation, ensuring it is archived into the EMR in the correct location to meet compliance standards.

We encourage Epic hospitals to use as much of the Epic Systems platform as they can and allow FormFast to automate the rest.


The electronic document management (EDM) system or archiving platform we’ve purchased has eForms functionality. Do I need to use it?

As the leading eForms provider in healthcare, FormFast integrates will all major archiving systems.  Therefore your hospital can receive the benefits of FormFast with any archiving system your hospital chooses.

For Epic hospitals already using FormFast, your FormFast eForms can be used with the archiving system, allowing you to avoid vetting, purchasing, training, and building forms for a new electronic forms vendor.  For Epic hospitals without an eForms solution, consider selecting FormFast as your eForms provider.

In either case, ask your archiving system or EDM provider about implementing FormFast as your solution for electronic forms, electronic signature, and process automation.


Can I use FormFast to automate tasks outside of clinical departments?

In addition to automating clinical documentation, FormFast solutions are used by hospitals to streamline business processes and supporting procedures. In fact, many hospitals use the same platform that outputs their barcoded patient wristbands to output checks, direct deposits, and other financial statements.Plus FormFast’s platform for workflow and discrete data capture powers solutions for HR, risk management, materials management, the business office, and more. With FormFast you can use the same tools to automate clinical processes and you can to automate business processes.


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eForms, eSignature, and Workflow for Epic

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