Automated Output Management


Leader in Print Management for Hospitals

More than 1000+ healthcare organizations use FormFast for some sort of output management.  Whether hospitals need to automate admission packets at registration, print wristbands and labels with patient-specific demographics imprinted, output checks and statements, or produce government forms like UBs and HCFAs, FormFast has a solution to generate documents more efficiently than standard methods.


Benefits of Output Management

Hospitals appreciate the productivity gains and costs savings associated with FormFast’s automated output solution.  There is also an improvement in patient safety as data collected in the HIS is used by the FormFast system to imprint the forms with patient demographics, ensuring positive patient ID.   Plus, with print management solutions more focus can be put on patient care at points of service, rather than having to manually select, organize, and label stacks of forms, improving the patient experience.

  • Eliminate the cost of pre-printed forms
  • Accelerate the admissions process
  • Eliminate obsolescence as only approved forms are available
  • Reduce manual errors
  • Automate indexing for electronic archival with bar-coded forms

Generate Your Documents Efficiently

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