Visual Workflow Designer


Workflow Routing

FormFast allows you to create an intelligent workflow route for each process using an intuitive Visual Workflow Designer tool. With this tool, workflow steps, required approvals, and other business logic are easily defined with simple drag-and-drop functionality.

Process Standardization

The Visual Workflow Designer feature gives process owners a way to visualize their workflow and standardize the procedure to their specifications.

Dynamic Workflow

In addition to the pre-defined workflow route, FastFlow can analyze the data on the form to dynamically determine where the eForm should be routed next.


When a routed eForm requires action, such as an approval or review, FastFlow sends the recipient a notification to expedite the completion of the task.

In-Flight WorkFlow Status

Supplementing the notification feature, FastFlow allows users to see the real-time status of uncompleted workflows they have initiated.

Audit Trail

FastFlow maintains an electronic audit trail to quickly validate compliance and confirm policy and procedure adherence of both clinical and non-clinical processes.

Dashboards and Reports

Discrete data elements are captured electronically, and can be presented for analysis in custom dashboards and reports.


Simplify Workflow Management

Connect with FormFast to learn how you can streamline tasks and automatically route paperless documents with our workflow technology.