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Understanding Data with Dashboards

A key feature of the FastFlow platform is the ability to capture information during a workflow process and produce dashboards from it. Hospital leaders need more than access to data. They need to be able to understand it.


Insight into Healthcare Quality

As quality standards increase, healthcare organizations require tools to be able to assess processes and find opportunities for performance improvement. Traditionally, information has been available on quality metrics, but is often trapped in paper documents, spreadsheets, or siloed software systems.


FastFlow frees the data, making it understandable and actionable.


FastFlow’s dashboards are customizable to highlight the specific values that are identified as important to hospital staff.  Color coding makes errors and timelines apparent, allowing department leaders to better prioritize time-sensitive tasks.


Improving the Bottomline

Of course, every organization wants to protect revenue. However, poor processes expose the hospital to leaks in the revenue stream.


For example, miscommunication between doctors and medical coders can stall reimbursement. Especially with the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 on the horizon, hospitals fear that miscoding will delay reimbursements and increase the possibility of RAC Audit penalties.


One application of FastFlow, Physican Coding Query, streamlines communication between the doctor and coder. Dashboards within the application make it clear which doctors or coders are responsible for queries so further education can be provided. The end result is quicker, more accurate coding that produces faster reimbursements.


There are many other applications for FastFlow dashboards that make a positive impact on your processes.

Explore them by visiting our Solutions Section.


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