Patient Intake

Patient Intake

Our Solution

As the necessity of getting accurate information from a patient’s first encounter with a provider has become paramount, FormFast has created a registration experience that intersects the convenience patients want and the data health systems need. Patient Intake by FormFast transforms patient registration processes by offering a more streamlined and efficient approach for providers, staff, and patients.

FormFast improves in-office registration, as well as remote patient pre-registration. Integration with EHRs and other healthcare systems, allows clinicians and staff to focus more on patient engagement initiatives, reduce wait times, and accelerate administrative workflows.

FormFast’s solution promotes staff adoption and patient communication, improves quality of care, and accelerates revenue cycle workflows – resulting in cost savings.

Standardize the intake process across your organization, and ensure patients and staff are encounter-ready – every time, with Patient Intake by FormFast.

eSignature Solutions at Registration

FormFast automates the generation of documents that need to be signed during the in-office registration process by analyzing patient information sent from the registration system via an ADT or print stream connection.

Forms are selected and grouped based on pre-defined logic and imprinted with patient-specific demographic information. The eForms are then displayed on a secondary monitor making it easy for patients to read and understand the forms they are required to sign. Patients apply their signature on a signing device – tablet, touchscreen, or eSignature pad.

The signature is displayed in real-time, giving the patient confidence that their consent is being properly recorded. FormFast also supports other types of annotation, including checkboxes and fillable fields. Once the documents are electronically signed, FormFast marries the signature and other annotations to the form image, creating a legally signed electronic document.

FormFast then sends the document to the electronic medical record or archiving system, along with the data necessary to place the document in the proper archive location.

Admissions are accelerated, treatment is expedited, and staff can work more efficiently.


FormFast streamlines pre-registration by enabling the collection of patient-generated data remotely. Assessments, checklists, and screenings can be completed by new and current patients in advance to aid in visit efficiency. Documents and data are archived to the EHR and visible to the care team in real-time.

FormFast offers an intuitive patient-centered design and integration with core clinical systems to help create a streamlined process for staff and patients.
Due to seamless integration with EHR systems, FormFast allows patients to provide discrete data (clinical information, medication details, insurance data, demographics, etc.) before arriving for treatment.

Pre-registration is the first patient encounter beyond scheduling where process efficiency and accuracy have a direct impact on revenue. FormFast allows you to obtain co-pay and out-of-pocket expense earlier in the revenue cycle by enabling notifications and the collection of copays, balances, and insurance eligibility before arrival.

FormFast’s Pre-Registration Solution guards the financial interests of providers and offers convenient service to the patient, creating a better payment experience for all.

Why Choose FormFast for Patient Intake

Improve the Patient Experience

With FormFast, a great patient experience starts before they arrive. According to a study from Intuit Inc., 84% of patients in a study said they would prefer to complete medical forms online prior to an appointment. The opportunity to complete registration remotely leads to reduced wait times, decreased patient anxiety, and increased patient satisfaction.

Enhance Operations

FormFast’s Patient Intake Solution automates the entire registration process, intelligently gathering and managing information, saving staff time and virtually eliminating errors. Providing patients with a more efficient way to complete admission forms will lead to better clinical data and a greater percentage of patients who pre-register for treatment.

Manage Risk & Liability

Providing multiple ways to access critical information prior to a procedure or treatment is helpful not only to patients, but also to providers. By gaining more patient-generated information providers are better prepared to provide care for each individual patient. Data collected from patients remotely, allows for preventative actions to be taken that can prevent surgery cancellations and/or rescheduling, which often present financial challenges and a number of patient safety risks.

Reduce Overhead Cost

You can immediately eliminate pre-printed forms and stop bleeding money on ink for forms printed in-office. There’s never waste throwing out old forms when you make a change. And you’ll no longer need space to store reams of paper or blank forms. It’s all electronic, safely stored in the cloud.

Capture Payment Earlier in the Revenue Cycle

Additionally, FormFast allows you to obtain co-pay and out-of-pocket expense earlier in the revenue cycle by enabling notifications and the collection of copays, balances, and insurance eligibility before arrival.

Spend Time with Patients, Not Paperwork

The staff that normally spends a large portion of their time on printing, gathering, scanning and filing patient information will be able to spend more time on actual patient interaction or filling other needs: the ultimate goal.

See how much better each day could be with FormFast Solutions

Our team is passionate about helping healthcare organizations smooth out processes that cause unnecessary busy work and adversely affect the patient experience.