NEW CUSTOMER: Pella Regional Health Center

Pella Regional Health Center to implement FastPrint and eSignature

Pella Regional Health Center, located in Pella, Iowa, is a 25-bed MEDITECH facility that was looking to streamline their registration process. When looking for the best eForms provider, Pella Regional was impressed by our solutions for logic-based printing and electronic signature.


Ultimately by deciding to replace their previous technology with FastPrint and eSignature by FormFast, Pella Regional will begin experiencing:

  • Improved operational efficiency at Registration
  • Costs savings from eliminating preprinted forms
  • Seamless integration with MEDITECH system

Pella Regional will be able to spend less time on manual tasks and inefficiencies provided by previous solution and more time to focus on delivering quality care.


Learn more about Pella Regional Health Center at: