Maximizing EHR Value: New eBook

FormFast has worked with 1,100 healthcare organizations in our 25+ years in business. As a result, we have had the pleasure of working closely with several EHR vendors, including MEDITECH.

We found MEDITECH’s latest eBook: The Essential Guide to EHR Value & Sustainability to be an invaluable resource for healthcare organizations planning their EHR strategy.

The eBook highlights the six necessary qualities in an EHR, the 10 key drivers of financial sustainability, an EHR cost-benefit checklist, and case studies. View MEDITECH’s eBook.

Speaking of maximizing the value of your EHR, we are proud of the work we have done through our partnership with MEDITECH. Hundreds of MEDITECH hospitals have turned to FormFast to help enhance their EHR implementation, as they replace paper forms with paperless eForms,  barcode admission packets, electronically capture patient consents, accelerate administrative workflow, and more.

MEDITECH hospital, War Memorial, recently spoke to the level of integration between FormFast and MEDITECH and the benefits it has brought to their organization.

“The level of integration between FormFast and MEDITECH has created a seamless experience for our end-users, which has led to a successful adoption rate. The technologies enhance the use of each system. In fact, our users don’t even realize they’re using functionality outside of MEDITECH when leveraging FormFast – and that is the real goal of interoperability,” said Katie Wood, Assistant Director of Information Systems at War Memorial Hospital.


As you plan to optimize your EHR environment, we invite you to learn more about how FormFast eForms technology can help you reduce cost, improve processes, and enhance your EHR investment. Learn more about how FormFast enhances MEDITECH.