Interview: Bringing the Patient Experience Beyond Hospital Walls

As we learned from our interview with FormFast Product Manager, Yancey Stout, in Part 1 of this blog series, FormFast’s latest product, FormFast Connect, enhances collaboration between patients and providers beyond hospital walls.

For the second part of this blog series, we interviewed FormFast Clinical Solutions Manager, Bethany Jones, to get her insight on FormFast’s latest product launch and how the technology will impact the clinician and patient experience across the care continuum.


Lauren:  Can you give us a quick introduction of FormFast Connect?

Bethany: FormFast Connect is our latest product that provides healthcare organizations with a greater opportunity to coordinate the care of their patients with assistance from their family and caregivers. It enables a way to better collaborate across the care continuum with healthcare communities, or care partners, to improve quality of care, patient safety, and efficiency in the healthcare system.

Expanding on our foundational products, we are very excited to introduce this new technology offering that gives patients the capability to complete forms, track their care events, and participate in their care journey outside the walls of the hospital, from the convenience of their own homes.


Lauren:  Can you describe the need in the healthcare market FormFast saw for FormFast Connect?

Bethany: We have taken our knowledge of today’s healthcare space, customer and industry feedback, and our 20 years of experience in working with our hospital clients, to create FormFast Connect. The shift in the healthcare industry from a fee-for-service model into a more quality-based reimbursement model, coupled with the growing need to provide patients more personalized care in a consumer-driven healthcare economy, has created the need for more patient-centric technologies.

We wanted to create a new way for our customers to provide information to their patients and better equip them to be active participants in their healthcare journey. We have also heard from the industry at large that healthcare leaders are seeking IT solutions that support efforts adherent to a quality-focused healthcare environment. IT solutions that are not only strategic in meeting the organization’s high-level initiatives, but are also clinician and patient-friendly.

While there is the need for these IT systems to be scalable and customizable for internal purposes within a healthcare system, today there is also the need to reach patients and care partners outside hospital walls. This provides a more collaborative experience for not only documenting care, but driving clinical processes and helping design the way patients experience care at every point in their journey.

We strongly believe the solution will make a wonderful impact on the healthcare industry and bring a new level of value to our customer base.


Lauren:  What do you think FormFast Connect brings to clinicians, care coordinators, and patients?


Clinicians: The benefits to clinicians are numerous. As a registered nurse, I was incredibly excited when I was introduced to the original concept of the product. It’s providing clinicians a better way to have real-time patient data to better track and monitor patients outside the walls of our organization.

From a nurse’s perspective, this is incredibly important because we understand that our patients [and their families and caregivers] have lives to live beyond their hospital visits. We know that in many cases, patients only spend a couple hours a year with clinicians face-to-face. But, during those thousands-upon-thousands of hours they’re spending doing other activities that dramatically impact their care, we want to be more present with them. From a clinician’s perspective, FormFast Connect opens the door to this exciting opportunity.

FormFast Connect’s endless benefits for clinicians, not only have an impact on the quality of care provided, but better enable us to build trust with our patients. By extending our support to them in a way that is very personal, effective, and evidence-based, we are showing them we care about their well-being and safety as a patient.

Care Coordinators: FormFast Connect provides the ability to automate certain tasks for care coordinators [as well as other care team members]. This gives them greater ability to focus time on activities that provide the most value to patients, such as more personal encounters.

This also gives care team members – such as the health coach that wants to see how well the patient is doing in their care plan or the nurse practitioner who is following patients in their diabetes care at home – accurate information to support their patients.

FormFast Connect creates opportunities for care coordinators to better support patients, automate tasks, and improve efficiency by reaching patients where they are.

Patients: While how we treat patients and their families has always been important, it is now even more critical for us to understand every interaction a patient has with their health system. Understanding every touchpoint in which information is exchanged helps ensure every experience a patient has with a health system is a positive one.

We created FormFast Connect with patients being top of mind. When a patient logs into FormFast Connect, we want them to feel confident they are logging into a system that helps guide, track, and support them through their care journey.  We wanted to help encourage patient adoption by creating an easy, understandable, helpful, and personalized experience.


Lauren:  How will FormFast Connect enhance a process pre-care and a post-care process?

Bethany: When a patient is physically at the health system and preparing for a procedure, they are absorbing a lot of information, they’re in a setting that’s maybe new to them, and they could be nervous or anxious. We want them to be able to digest information in advance so they feel more confident in their healthcare plan and have time to review information with their family members if needed. This also helps streamline the process for healthcare staff, and for the patient themselves, upon arrival.

Providing multiple ways to access critical information prior to a procedure or treatment is helpful not only to patients, but also to clinicians. By gaining more patient-generated information – such as risk assessments, their preferences, and their personal care goals – clinicians are better prepared to provide care for each individual patient.

This is not only critical before a procedure, but as the care process continues through the post-care process. After a care event, many patients are at home wondering: “Maybe I was supposed to do this or that?  Is it on that piece of paper that I received from the office, from the hospital?  Is it in my discharge information?  Where did I put that?  Maybe I want to share that with my daughter.  Where do I access that?  How do I get that information?”

FormFast Connect exists to ensure recovery is smooth for patients and their family members,  by providing instant access to information that answers these questions.

Unfortunately, there are many conditions and situations where patients don’t have a pre and post-care scenario – they have a continuous experience.  For example, patients with diabetes have chronic care needs.

FormFast Connect enables health systems to do a better job of engaging with these patients outside of the hospital. This allows these patients to better care for themselves, control their condition, and to do preventative measures and self-care techniques that really improve their quality of life.

Patients with chronic conditions have so many needs, and they also have a lot of potential for creating additional costs in the health system. We look forward to playing a part in helping them better manage and control their condition by allowing them to better more active participants in their care.


Lauren:  What do you believe is the biggest benefit that FormFast Connect brings to healthcare systems today?

Bethany:  I think the greatest benefit is that you are extending your support outside of the walls of your organization to patients and families in a way that you’ve always wanted to do.

Health systems have spent tremendous resources on building IT infrastructure to gather information and to document information within the walls of their facility. They are now seeing the need to obtain more information from patients and care partners remotely, and exchange that information on a secure and trusted platform.

In all of my years in health IT, it’s always been a core goal for health systems to reach the patient where they are. FormFast Connect is giving healthcare systems the opportunity to do that.

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Prior to joining FormFast, Bethany served as a Consultant and Health Care IT Advisor for the Advisory Board Company.  She was a Physician Liaison and Senior Health IT Advisor for University of Kentucky Healthcare and served as a Systems Analyst for an ambulatory and correctional EHR company. Jones is a registered nurse and holds a BS in Nursing, and well as having a BA in Liberal Arts and MS in Organizational Communication.