Informed Consent:

For Clinicians


FormFast Informed Consent Solutions means you never have to worry about obtaining, storing or retrieving the consent form again. It’s always right there in the patient’s EHR.

Forms are Always Up to Date

Clinicians can update forms as needed and store only the latest one. You’ll never again have a patient sign an outdated form.

No Missing or Lost Forms

Forms are always located in the patient’s EHR, and instantly available to the care team. Wherever there’s a laptop, tablet or phone with access to EHRs, that’s where the signed informed consent form is located.

Streamlined Workflow

Doctors don’t need to go to a physical in-basket for forms, or look for them in physical folders. They always exist in the EHR.

Minimal Prep of Forms

FormFast Informed Consent forms are pre-populated with information from the patient’s EHR, so neither the doctor, staff, nor patient needs to fill out existing information.

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