Informed Consent

Our Solution

Technology has brought paperless operations to many areas across healthcare organizations, yet 76% of organizations still use paper forms to document the critical process of informed consent vs. leveraging electronic signature technology.

With FormFast, you can electronically capture the appropriate consents at a patient’s bedside on a mobile tablet. Consent documents are instantly archived, preventing lost documents, expediting care and keeping your healthcare organization in compliance.

Instantly Archived. Immediately Available. Never Lost.

FormFast integrates with your EHR system to present the correct documentation for patient signatures on mobile devices – making consent processes streamlined. The patient can read the form on a mobile device or computer, and sign at the bedside or office.

Staff can then quickly self-sign the form and date-time stamps are automatically applied. Upon the submission of the consent form, it is archived into the EHR – preventing lost information that results in delayed and canceled procedures, and making documentation instantly visible to the care team.


Boost Staff Productivity

With FormFast, the consent process is streamlined and physicians and staff are available to spend more quality time with patients, as the time required to obtain, label, customize and manage paper consent forms is eliminated.

Integrate with Your EHR

FormFast’s Informed Consent Solution integrates seamlessly with your EHR. It won’t even feel like a separate program. We have collaborated with every major EHR developer, and we are able to customize to fit your workflow.

Experience Cost Savings

FormFast cuts costs associated with paper, toner, printing, scanning and storage by digitizing consent processes and increasing productivity.

On forms costs alone, hospitals can save thousands of dollars per year with FormFast’s Informed Consent Solution.

Ensure Compliance

Eliminate concerns surrounding lost and improperly completed forms and ensures the proper completion and archival of every consent form.

Deliver a Better Patient Experience

Where paper forms and tethered mobile devices can make it difficult for patients to read and sign documents, FormFast’s truly mobile capabilities provide an optimal signature experience for patients in a doctor’s office or at the bedside.

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“In the past, the nurses were doing all this pre-work for informed consent. With FormFast, the nurses are now out of the consent process. They’ve gained their valuable time back and our organization streamlined consent workflow.”

-Multi-Hospital System using Epic,
HIM Manager, Finance Applications

“With FormFast eConsent, we are no longer losing consents. We are quickly capturing consent, and we have immediate access to them in our EMR.”

– Becky McNespey, Systems Analyst
Conway Regional Medical Center

“The consent process went from 60+ seconds to 14 seconds on average in the first few weeks. This times 200,000+ patient visits per year = a time savings we’ll take any day!”

– Kyle Hansen, IT Director
Broadlawns Medical Center

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