INFOGRAPHIC: Delivering ROI with FormFast eSignature (Hobson & Co Research)

As hospitals modernize, one of the areas that remains yet to be addressed with automation technology is the collection of signatures throughout the hospital. When signature and consent forms are collected manually on paper forms during registration and for procedures, they then must be scanned or attached to a patient’s medical record. Not only is this a waste of paper, but it also is a cumbersome process to ensure that all forms are well-stocked and then assigned to the correct patient’s record to ensure the highest quality of care. As a result, many hospitals are turning to eSignature solutions.

According to a recent independent research study conducted by  Hobson & Co., FormFast clients leveraging eSignature addressed a number of these specific challenged related to signature capture across the healthcare enterprise to deliver a quick and compelling ROI (Return on Investment).

View the infographic below for highlights from the Hobson & Co. research — Delivering ROI: The Case for Electronically Capturing Patient Signatures. 


From Hobson and Company’s findings, it is apparent that FormFast’s eSignature solution enhances EHR systems and delivers enterprise-wide, cost-saving and productivity benefits that have a large impact on an organization’s bottom-line.

View the full Hobson & Company White Paper — Delivering ROI: The Case for Electronically Capturing Patient Signatures