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Downtime events in healthcare organizations can directly impact patient safety, revenue, staff productivity, and the patient experience. HIPAA regulations require organizations to “establish procedures to enable continuation of critical business processes…while operating in emergency mode.”

FormFast understands the importance of having a downtime solution in place, and the needs around Downtime at Registration and Downtime for Clinical Documentation.

Be Prepared with FormFast

We built downtime solutions into our system, so you experience zero workflow interruption during maintenance or unexpected downtime. You will be able to admit patients when your HIS system is down, and print forms, barcodes and wristbands. Access physician order sets on your web browser and print packets of essential forms ahead of time.

All forms generated with Downtime Solutions are easily archived back into the system when it’s up again. You don’t lose information or communication, and never need to disrupt patient care.

Downtime for Registration

  • Electronic intake of registration information outside of EHR/registration system
      • Can be printed for manual reentry into EHR once back up OR
      • Utilize HL7 to send back to EHR as organization/EHR allows
  • Auto print registration forms, armbands and labels WITH barcodes for PPID and accurate scan back to EHR
  • A pathway to populate patient info for on demand printing

Downtime for Clinical Documentation

  • Access to paper forms for clinical documentation to ensure continuity of care during the EHR down
  • Single source of truth for most up to date forms at downtime
  • Barcodes enable accurate scanning back to EHR

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