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We founded our company with the core purpose of improving processes that use hospital forms. It’s not just about paper-free electronic forms — it’s about automating the collection, processing, and dissemination of the information.

In our nearly three decades of developing electronic forms, we have learned that what looks like a “forms problem” at first glance is more likely a process problem. So improving your forms, without looking at the bigger picture, may limit your organization from achieving its strategic objectives.

FormFast forms on demand are designed to improve processes and transform your workflows.

With FormFast, your organization can integrate patient information automatically across forms, into your EHRs and other platforms.

Our forms can be automatically populated with stored data, so patients don’t have to waste time filling in information you already have. This saves time and improves the patient experience. The data you capture is securely stored in the patient’s EHR, and is instantly accessible to the entire care team.

Why Use FormFast Electronic Forms

Automate Processes

Forms collect, share, and file information in EHRs making patient data instantly usable and accessible with no manual entry.

Improve Accuracy

Forms are digitally imprinted with unique document and patient information for proper archiving and patient identification.

Reduce Costs

Eliminates the need for pre-printed paper forms including printing, management, storage, and waste expenses.

Decrease Risk

Never use outdated forms again – only the current forms are available in FormFast’s eForms repository.

Improved Standardization

Forms have same appearance across your enterprise.

Downtime Solutions

Downtime events in healthcare organizations can directly impact patient safety, revenue, staff productivity, and the patient experience. HIPAA regulations require organizations to “establish procedures to enable continuation of critical business processes…while operating in emergency mode.”

eSignature Solutions

All FormFast forms are designed to use an electronic signature, which eliminates the need for paper forms and scanning. Patients can sign on a tablet or other writable device, completing a document that is legal, and automatically stored in your EHR. These are ideal for Informed Consent or any document that requires a legal signature.

Electronic Form Design

FormFast Electronic Forms serve your organization far beyond information gathering. They integrate patient information into your EHR and make it instantly usable across multiple platforms. They also instantly eliminate the mountains of paper to buy and store, and ensure that everyone is using the correct forms, and that the forms used are specific to each area’s needs.

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