FormFast helps hospitals move away from paper documentation [Infographic]

Paper documents cost hospitals valuable time and money.Paper documents cost hospitals valuable time and money.

Since the dawn of the 2000s and the emergence of increasingly convenient technological advancements, a number of industries have turned to electronic solutions to increase overall efficiency and streamline key processes. Yet for whatever reason, the healthcare sector has clung to its out-of-date ways, losing millions of dollars – not to mention the patience of doctors, patients and administrators alike – by continually relying on paper documentation. To help usher healthcare into this digital revolution, FormFast offers a suite of 100-plus industry-altering applications.

Wasting precious time
When it comes to people’s health and well-being, time is certainly of the utmost importance. With paper documentation, the average admission time for any given patient is nearly 60 seconds, and if any form actually needs updating or modification, then administrative staff must file an entirely new form. Though 60 seconds doesn’t seem like a great deal of time, filling out complex paper forms can eat way at a sizable chunk of a staff’s day.

That’s why FormFast takes the existing forms and uploads them into a database for easy access. And the results are clear: Of the 6 million patients admitted through FormFast each year, the average processing time has been slashed to just 14 seconds. That adds up to a total savings of about 77,000 hours, or just over nine full years.

Lost money and resources
It not only takes plenty of time to fill out forms, but these sheets eat up many of the hospital’s vital resources. That includes both the costs of actually accruing the paper and tasks related to faxing, printing and scanning. There are also prices associated with maintaining printing equipment. According to Becker’s Hospital Review, for every $1 a hospital allocates for printing, it spends $9 on fixing the actual printers.

FormFast’s solutions help remove the majority of theses costs from the equation. With every form available online, there is no need to ever print anything again. Based on paper use alone, most hospitals experienced a 97 percent reduction in form costs for an average savings of $55,000 per facility.

Tap into your healthcare organization’s full potential by going paperless with FormFast!