FormFast Featured on HIStalk

HIStalk features an interview with FormFast’s President, Randy Campbell

Campbell discusses the benefits of transitioning your paper-based processes to electronic workflows and how FormFast has been helping hospitals for over 23 years increase their operating efficiency on HIStalk.


“We and other healthcare IT companies can help hospitals, especially with these new initiatives, become more efficient. There’s a lot of things that IT can do to help improve [the hospital’s] ability to operate as a business. The more [hospital’s] can operate efficiently as a business, the more they’re going to be able to focus on their core business of providing care to patients.”


“I started my career as a biology major in pre-med. I graduated, but didn’t go to med school for various reasons. My roommate, who was studying computer engineering, asked me a question one night. I thought, “Wow, this is really interesting. IT is where I need to be.”