The Latest Innovation in Clinical Documentation Has Arrived

FormFast to Transform Clinical Documentation with Robust, Fillable eForm Technology

Many healthcare organizations are frustrated to find that even with an EHR system in place, many areas are still burdened with inefficient processes related to the use of paper forms, including paper-based consent, specialty care, and administrative documents.

FormFast is excited to bring to market new technology to address this issue and empower healthcare organizations to quickly convert paper forms into electronic “smart forms”.

FormFast is delivering a faster way to create fillable form interfaces than what is currently possible with an EHR or other system. The cutting-edge functionality can automate many types of clinical documentation, including consents and ancillary clinical documentation such as physical therapy, behavioral health, anesthesiology, sleep lab, and other specialty care departments.

FormFast’s paperless technology enables instant archival of documents into the electronic health record (EHR), promoting efficiency and ensuring compliance.

With robust features (listed below) that allow for more sophisticated, structured types of input, FormFast provides must-have capabilities for hospitals seeking to improve the quality of their documentation.

  • Fillable Fields for structured data collection
  • Field Prefill to maintain clinical data integrity
  • Drop-Down Fields with pre-defined lists of choices
  • Checkboxes and Radio Buttons
  • Required Fields to prevent errors and missing information
  • Field Calculations
  • Hidden Fields for administrative use
  • Mobile Device Support to allow eForms to be displayed on tablets
  • Hyperlinks to Educational Content
  • Electronic Signature Support
  • Electronic Document Routing
  • Automatic Archival in the EHR or EDM
  • HL7 and FHIR Support
  • Data Export to the EHR or Data Warehouse

FormFast is taking clinical documentation to the next level, and wants to help your healthcare organization do the same!

To learn more about our latest product innovation, register today for our webinar on Tuesday, August 23, for a first-hand look at our latest addition to the FormFast Product Suite!