FormFast Capture: 4 Key Features Enabling a Higher Standard of Patient Care Through Data Capture

FormFast Capture: Promoting Quality Care Through Data Capture

In healthcare systems today, it is all too common that poor processes around the collection and sharing of critical data lead to process bottlenecks, errors and delays. These insufficient processes are often seen in areas such as informed consent, rounding, surgical checklists, evidence-based protocols and other ancillary care documents that are not addressed by an EHR.

While historically, hospitals have managed these documents via paper forms, in today’s evolving healthcare world, where hospitals are continually challenged to deliver a higher quality of care, paper isn’t making the cut. Stakeholders are seeking a quick, cost-effective way to quickly and efficiently, collect and share data across the enterprise.

FormFast is proud to introduce the latest addition to their product suite that offers easy-to-use functionality to convert paper forms into electronic “smart forms” that offer capabilities not possible with traditional documentation.  With FormFast Capture, documents are instantly archived in the EHR – ensuring compliance, expediting form completion and ensuring data integrity.

What makes FormFast Capture different? FormFast Capture has robust features that allow for more sophisticated, structured types of input. Please see the list below for a list of 4 (of many) key features FormFast Capture brings to healthcare organizations.

FormFast Capture: 4 Key Features

  1. Electronic Document Design & Distribution: Standardized Documentation & Processes

While leveraging your EHR vendor for document design and distribution may seem like a logical route to take, most health systems simply can’t justify the time and expense of having costly EHR developers create all of their forms as interfaces. As a result, many organizations revert back to paper for many types of their documentation.  This is challenging for IT, HIM and clinical staff who expect better processes following an EHR implementation.

FormFast offers intuitive design tools to create electronic documents in minutes vs. months, like with other systems. Staff can quickly and easily, with very little training needed, make changes as needed and distribute updated documents across the enterprise to ensure everyone is using the same document for increased standardization.

  1. Mobile Support: Documentation at the Point-of-Care

 While advances in technology have brought paperless operations to many areas across healthcare organizations, there are still a number of critical processes, such as informed consent forms and other documentation requiring patient signatures, that remain a lingering source of paper intensive processes.

FormFast Capture frees your staff to complete clinical documentation wherever they are via mobile devices.  They can collect signatures at the bedside, complete paperless forms in outpatient units and access libraries of required forms ( such as rounding, checklists & evidence-based guidelines) from the point-of-care. This enhances the quality of care and ensures document completion, so that the organization can better monitor processes for quality control.

  1. Hyperlinks to Educational Content & Media: Promoting Patient Engagement

Healthcare forms are not just documents needed in order to perform a procedure. They exists to ensure patients are properly educated and informed regarding their care plans. This is especially true in processes such as informed consent, where a patient’s understanding of their procedure is paramount.

FormFast’s eForms allow hyperlinks to educational content and media to be accessed directly from the form. Additional educational materials (video, PDF, etc.) provided by the health system can easily be displayed. This quick and easy access to supplemental information enhances patient safety and education, while leading to a more informed, more engaged patient population.

  1. Structured data capture and sharing export: Better Data, Better Insights 

Ultimately, data collected in FormFast eForms is most useful when fed back to the right systems. The latest integration protocol standards, FHIR and HL7 support, bring better interoperability between systems. At FormFast, we understand the importance of investing in these new capabilities to create a more seamless solution for customers and to best complement the EHR.

With FormFast Capture, information is collected as discrete data elements, and can be exchanged with other systems via shared interfaces or protocols. This gives the flexibility to use data in different areas. For example, patient-centric data is pushed to the EHR to create a more comprehensive medical record. Data collected via administrative processes can go to a data warehouse or analytics platform to track processes around the patient experience.


FormFast Capture is transforming healthcare documentation, and giving clinicians and nurses the data they need to deliver a higher level of quality care to patients. Want to learn about more of FormFast Capture’s robust features? Join our first-look at FormFast Capture in at our Product Launch Webinar on August 23rd!

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