Employee Recognition and Coaching


Business Need

In the new era of fee-for-value healthcare, quality is a top priority for hospital leaders.  One major component of an organization’s quality is the degree to which hospital staff are engaged and focused on patient care.


In order to maximize staff effectiveness, ongoing coaching is needed to maintain a high level of employee engagement and to ensure compliance with patient safety and quality standards.  Likewise, positive employee recognition is shown to be an effective strategy to keep staff engaged, motivated, and focused on delivering quality care.


Unfortunately existing systems intended to automate recognition and coaching tasks are expensive, cumbersome, or fail to meet the hospital’s needs.  Therefore, many hospitals simply don’t have a solution in place.



FormFast offers a simple way to capture feedback about employee performance, monitor staff engagement, and enhance coaching programs.  Features of this online eForm and workflow platform include:

  • Electronic submission of recognition forms, which are instantly routed to HR manager or the employee’s manager
  • Online recognition and employee performance reports
  • Automated alerts to signal mentors that coaching tasks need to be completed
  • Discrete data about the employee’s progress that can be shared with HR management systems


By automating coaching activities and capturing employee recognition with FormFast, hospitals have the right process and right data to better motivate their team to deliver a higher quality of care.  Benefits of this solution include:

  • Increased workforce engagement
  • Improved accountability for mentors and supervisors
  • Enhanced process visibility for departmental leaders
  • Increased alignment with organizational objectives by team members
  • Better quality care outcomes


Improve Employee Recognition

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