CUSTOMER GROWTH: Fall River Memorial

FormFast Footprint Grows at Fall River Health Services with Addition of eSignature Solution

Fall River Health Services is a comprehensive healthcare system that services Fall River County and the surrounding areas in South Dakota.

Fall River Health Services is comprised of a 25 bed Critical Assess Hospital, a 24 hour ER, Seven Sisters Living Center nursing home and Fall River Rural Health Clinic. Their vision is high quality primary health care and eldercare to Fall River County and surrounding communities in order to fulfill needs of patients and residents and foster strength in growing the local economy. Read more about Fall River Health Services here.

Fall River Health Services is a 25-bed MEDITECH hospital, that added FormFast eSignature to their facility’s technology suite.

With our eSignature solution, patients sign using an eSign device or a mobile tablet.  The electronic signature is applied to the electronic form in real-time, providing a convenient, paperless alternative to paper-based consents. The electronically documents are routed directly to the electronic medical record, accelerating the archival process.