Cabinet Peaks Upgrades FormFast Technologies with Web FormImprint and FastPrint

Cabinet Peaks Medical Center
is a 25-bed Critical Access Hospital with services an1503904_488015251319366_1800439114_nd technology that goes far beyond what you would expect from a facility of its size. Their state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging services, laboratory technology, and new private, spacious facilities bridge the gap bringing sophisticated healthcare services to your back door. It is the goal of the staff to treat patients with the warmth and compassion they would their own family, while providing you with the quality care you deserve.

In an effort to prepare the facility for their 6.1 Meditech upgrade, the FormFast team designed a solution that includes a conversion to Web FormImprint. With Web FormImprint, FormFast eForms are organized and accessible in an online repository, imprinted dynamically for archival, and can be printed as needed by clinical staff.

Additionally, FormFast will provide the appropriate professional services to upgrade their servers dedicated to FastPrint, FormFast’s platform for automatic output.