FormFast Aligned with Key CMS Measures for Consideration

On November 28, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released its yearly proposed clinical quality measures to improve quality across numerous settings of care, including nursing homes, hospitals, clinician practices, and dialysis facilities.

Each year, CMS publishes this list of quality and cost measures that are under consideration for Medicare quality and value-based purchasing programs. They collaborate with the National Quality Forum (NQF) to get critical input from multiple stakeholders, including patients, clinicians, commercial payers and purchasers, on the measures that are best suited for these programs. The measures, if adopted, will ultimately help patients choose the provider that is best for them, while helping providers deliver quality care.

This year, the proposed list contains 97 measures that have the potential to drive improvement in quality across numerous settings of care. Thirty-nine percent of the measures being considered this year focus on outcomes.

Many of the areas highlighted in the key proposed CMS measures relate directly to FormFast clinical solution targets, including clinical checklists, surgical care coordination, and patient experience survey tools.


A few of the themes mentioned in CMS proposed measures that relate to our current solution offerings include:

Enhanced Informed Consent

How FormFast fits in: FormFast’s Mobile Bedside Consent Solution integrates with EHR systems to present the correct documentation for patient signatures on mobile devices – streaming the consent process. The patient can read the form on a tablet, at their bedside, and conveniently sign the form electronically with their finger or stylus. FormFast supports links to educational content embedded in the form to ensure the patient is fully informed of the risks associated with procedures. Staff can then quickly self-sign the form and date-time stamps are automatically applied. Upon the submission of the consent form, it is archived instantly into the EHR preventing lost documentation and making information instantly visible to the care team.

FormFast’s Mobile Bedside Consent Solution promotes a consistent and patient-centered standard for informed consent that can lead to improved patient autonomy, safety and higher quality decision making. This is aligned with the proposed measure that aims to transform the informed consent document from a transactional form used to attain a patients’ signature to a meaningful document and resource to support patients in the decision- making process.

Clinical Checklists

How FormFast fits in: With the launch of FormFast’s latest product, FormFast Connect, patients can review and complete care checklists and forms electronically, before or after a care event. This gives providers the real-time data they need to deliver better care, while helping guide the patient through their care journey.

While one of the major benefits of a checklist is to ensure that patients know which items are completed and which items are yet to be completed to ensure the best care outcome, it also serves as a tracking mechanism for the healthcare system. With FormFast Connect, the care coordinator and the physician have access to see in real-time how a patient is doing. For example, as an operation is approaching, they will be able to see if a patient has not yet completed all the necessary tasks before a care event. This allows physicians to be more proactive and to contact the patient to make sure all items are completed – enhancing surgical care coordination for safety and efficiency.

Patient Experience

How FormFast fits in: FormFast’s products have been created with the patient experience top-of-mind. For example, when a patient logs into FormFast Connect, we want them to feel confident they are logging into a system that helps them guide, track, and support them through their care journey.  We wanted to help encourage patient adoption by creating an easy, understandable, helpful, and personalized experience.

FormFast Connect enables health systems to do a better job of engaging with these patients outside of the hospital. This allows these patients to better care for themselves, control their condition, and to do preventative measures and self-care techniques that really improve their quality of life.

Patient Activation

How FormFast fits in: FormFast is aware of the growing awareness by the healthcare industry that patients should be more active and effective managers of their health plans. FormFast Connect encourages patients to be more active members in their care journey by giving them the tools needed to be engaged with their care team and access critical information – when and where they need it.

FormFast Connect improves post-care processes and helps decrease the number of costly readmissions by ensuring patients are properly educated on their post-care plans. Post-care documents, such as checklists, patient satisfaction surveys, follow-up instructions, educational materials, and referrals can be automated by FormFast to more effectively transition patients to new care environments and help ensure the best outcomes.

Information Sharing Across the Continuum 

How FormFast fits in: FormFast offers solutions throughout the continuum of care.  FormFast is utilized across the healthcare organizations to solve a wide variety of automation challenges from pre-care and registration, to discharge and post-care, and everything in between.

FormFast instantly archives documents in the EHR and gives staff a better way to capture data, while providing a better experience for patients. View a full list of FormFast solutions.


Stay tuned to see which measure the agency will adopt in 2017! Read a full report of CMS proposed measures.