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Automating Form Processes Leads to Reduced Costs Across the Enterprise

In a perfect world, healthcare providers would have ample time to quickly and efficiently complete necessary tasks and engage with their patients. But, in many hospitals today, cumbersome, paper-based processes slow down the completion of tasks and can hinder the delivery of high quality care.


Centra Health in Lynchburg, Virginia, like many other regional organizations, found themselves facing these operational challenges that impacted their bottom line. To better address these concerns, the 1,100 bed organization turned to FormFast. FormFast has become a vital component of Centra’s efforts to continually reevaluate and enhance its overall operating procedures.


Less Time on Paper, More Time on Care
With around 4,000 nurses employed in its entire network, Centra knew – in support of their pursuit to provide excellence in nursing – that they needed to find a way to streamline inefficient, paper-based operational processes that added additional time to the nurses’ schedules and cut back on quality time that could be spent with patients.

Before implementing FormFast, the amount of time, money and effort that went into the forms management process, took a toll on the productivity and efficiency of the hospital’s entire ecosytem.

With FormFast, Centra’s nurses and administrators are now able to make the critical process of managing information via forms much more efficient. With FormFast’s on-demand form generation in place, the hospital has experienced a significant cost-savings and streamlined critical processes, which allows staff to spend more time focusing on patient care and less time managing paperwork.

Now, with the click of a button in their EHR system, Centra employees can get the forms they need, when they need them – ensuring compliance and promoting efficiency.

“I believe from the end-user perspective in the nursing units, it was greatly received that the forms are right there,” said Carolyn Cyrus, systems analyst at Centra Health. “Anytime that they need a form, nurses can look into FormFast and it’s right there – at the click of a button. They then don’t have to worry about stacking forms on the floor.”

The system’s user-friendly interface and seamless integration capabilities accelerated the adoption process as employees appreciated the easy-to-use and reliable system. Cyrus said she can’t recall any issues they have had with end users accepting FormFast.

At Centra, FormFast’s benefits extend well beyond registration areas. Previously, when forms were needed in other units, they had to be manually generated and delivered. Now, with the click of a button, form packets, individual face sheets, arm bands or labels are printed to various units across the enterprise.

“FormFast’s solutions allowed for a more consistent form delivery. Now, we rely on the system to send the variables across the organization and minimize the amount of effort involved,” said Cyrus.

With the help of FormFast, Centra’s employees no longer have to worry about using an outdated form or putting extra timeand effort into compiling documents. The hospital staff is confident that they are using technology that will make their time on the hospital floor more efficient and, most importantly, safe.

“With FormFast, our staff has become more confident, as we now know, we have the latest version of each form,” said Cyrus.

FormFast also helped Centra’s staff conquer another issue: managing forms in the Spanish language. Opposed to other solutions, FormFast offers dictionaries in multiple languages to ensure electronic forms are converted properly. By taking the time to convert these documents via FormFast, Centra’s staff are now able to avoid any future, language-based delays with forms processing.

In addition to promoting better time management and eliminating cost associated with pre-printed forms, FormFast helped eliminate issues Centra’s Medical Records department encountered. Having FormFast’s solutions in place, shined light on just how much effort had previously gone into the forms management process enterprise-wide.

Looking Towards the Future
With forms on-demand as an integral part of their core processes, Centra is always looking for new opportunities to leverage FormFast technology, including electronic signature.

“I think we’re coming out with a new form,” Cyrus said. “It’s a motor vehicle accident form that’s got to have a signature on there. We’re adding more all the time. With that one, what we’re going to do is have the electronic signatures as well as require them to enter in the date on the signature pad, which we’ve not done in the past.”

Additionally, Centra is also looking to utilize more mobile tablets in their workflow, a move that is especially popular with many staff members.

“They want all the applications on there,” Cyrus said. “For the registration forms and all automated forms, we are looking at putting eSignature forms on the iPad. We look forward to trying that out.”

The Bottom Line
Due in part to the Affordable Care Act and other activities in the healthcare industry, hospitals are watching their budgets much closer and are often tasks with having to do more with less.

According to Cyrus, a significant operational cost savings – like the one FormFast produces, can go a long way in today’s economic climate. Automating core processes with FormFast has led to reduced costs across the board. By streamlining processes for staff, Centra is significantly reducing that associated overhead cost.

“FormFast is an essential tool at Centra. To sum it up: everybody depends on it,” said Cyrus.